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Our facility contains child friendly rooms arranged into specific areas, including a library, music and movement center, dramatic play, and family life center. Our classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials and furniture. Safety is a top priority: there are video surveillance cameras in all classrooms for added security. Our outdoor play area offers a secure space for children to explore,  use their imaginations and physical skills while sharing in active participation.

  • Ages Six Weeks to Six Years

  • Before and After School Programs for Elementary Aged Children

  • Summer Camp Programs for All Ages

  • Full and Part-Time Sessions

  • Video Surveillance Cameras in All Classroom


We offer a program that is challenging but not stressful – one where imagination and creativity are a part of learning. We train our staff to teach each child responsibility, how to follow directions and, most importantly, how to be a good neighbor. We stress the significance of developing the “whole” child through both structured and open-ended learning experiences. Grow-Ville Community Day School’s curriculum is broken down into appropriate age groups with specific objectives in each to foster gradual learning. The learning experiences we have created at Grow-Ville Community Day School are directed at achieving four goals. Each goal is achieved through a variety of enriching activities that will encourage growth and enthusiasm for learning that will last a lifetime.

  • Autonomy – to encourage children to take initiative, ask questions and make simple choices.

  • Competence – to develop a child’s ability in the areas of language activities (familiarizing young children with the letters of the alphabet and their phonetic sounds), science, discoveries, math (counting, sorting and measuring), and an interest in books and literature.

  • Cooperation – to teach “self-concept” and “other concept” through group activities and sharing experiences.

  • Creativity – to make new and exciting things through active, hands-on participation to encourage new ideas and imagination as part of the learning process.

This program will stimulate and give your child the finest developmental foundation possible. Showing Christian love and acceptance of each child is part of our curriculum. Therefore, simple prayers and songs are used. Religious nurturing is informal and shall contribute to the young child’s understanding of self as part of God’s world. We are non-denominational and we recognize all religions. However, we do celebrate Christian holidays.